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We are creating the first ever platform on the Polish market based on the blockchain technology. The platform allows to invest in our projects in a simple and secure way.

We provide investors with an opportunity to invest their assets in real property sector, through our projects by using the Fortem Capital token.

We have many years’ experience and so far we have carried out the projects of a total value exceeding 40 million USD.

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We remove investment barriers to access the real estate market

The tokens we offer are based on real assets, which enables the investors to participate in return on real estate projects. When the value of renovated and commercialized buildings increases, so do the profits of the token holders.

To use our solutions, register on our platform, select real estate and the number of tokens you want to invest in a given project carried out by Fortem Capital team of experts

What you should know?
To fully get to know the potential of our token, read the FAQ section.

Last News

New functionality of FCQ

We have just started cooperation with an international law office thanks to which the owners of FCQ tokens in Asia will be soon able to obtain real estates indirectly in our development projects and in other real estates investments located in all European Union!

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A new conceptual project of New Oakland Park will increase the return on investment by 20%

Dear Sirs, We are happy to inform that one of the leading Polish architectural design studios, has prepared a conceptual project of estate of mansions/houses New Oakland Park. This outstanding concept meets all requirements of the local area development plan and hence complies with the criteria which must be fulfilled in order to obtain the building permit. The project assumes building of 18 semi-detached mansions/ houses with areas of approximately 190 to 260m2. Such square metrage and its unique design will increase the return […]

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Fortem Capital is launching first investments

We are happy to inform you that thanks to you we’ve managed to obtain the first two plots in Oakland Park project, where four family houses will be built. 81 people invested in the first stage of Oakland Park project on our platform. The gained profits will be paid out in the following 3 months. In the coming weeks, we will launch another opportunity to invest in the next stage of Oakland Park project. Please follow our social media to stay tuned. Once more, […]

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Our Partners

About us

As one of the first ever worldwide entities, we are introducing the proven, modern blockchain technology in a response to the needs of the investors who want to make the most of the potential underlying the real estate branch.

Our platforms helps to eliminate any investment barriers to access the real estate market. The digitalization of the project lowers the costs and speeds it up by excluding any middlemen and agents.

By purchasing our tokens (FCQ) you get a unique opportunity to invest in the projects we carry out at the highest level of engagement without the necessity of taking risk or having experience in this field.

Fortem Capital S.A.


Management Board

Jakub Cukierski

A leader in the field of financial and legal supervision. A persistent and motivated expert, who has managed multimillion portfolios. For over 20 years he has been consistently reaching his goals and successfully facing complex challenges.

Maciej Król

A highly experienced manager in the field of private banking, wealth management and private equity. He has successfully managed teams in charge of relationships with prominent clients and business partners. An excellent organizer and expert.

Dariusz Zbucki

A financial specialist. He has gained his managerial experience in largest international corporations. Dariusz stands out both as a rational analyst and an effective manager. He effectively implements business solutions and maintains relationships with clients.

Strategic Partner

Krzysztof Witoń

Executive Trusted Advisor

Process supervision

Marisol Ponce Jakubowska

Process Optimization Director

Bartłomiej Rosiński

Operational Director

Project Commercialization

Adam Lorens

Expander Advisors
Sales Director

Anna Król

Commercialization Director

Project Implementation

Marcin Michalski

Dom Pełen Energii
General Contractor

Karina Świeżawska

Project Manager


Łukasz Osypiuk

Creative Director

Jacek Wegera

OK2 Design
Web Development Manager

Kamil Wojtak

Content Manager


Jakub Cukierski

Board Member / CFO

Oksana Herasymenko

Finance Specialist


Robert Wojciechowski

OAAM – Consulting

Igor Haleta

OAAM – Consulting


Blockchain technology law expert

Rafał Kiełbus

Blockchain Developer

Media about us

The newest projects being carried out by
Fortem Capital

“Manor House OSTOJÓWEK” Marina Hotel & SPA

“Manor House OSTOJÓWEK” Marina Hotel & SPA

An impressive project consisting of three separate units: a well-preserved, pre-war palace “OSTOJÓWEK”, a modern hotel complex with a marina and a complex of high standard holiday houses situated by Lake Białe.

The resort is located in the heart of Mazury, the region competing for the title of one of the Seven New Wonders of Nature, among the most beautiful places in the world.

Oakland Park

Oakland Park

Oakland Park is a luxurious residential estate conveniently located in the suburbs of Warsaw, in a close proximity of a natural landscape park. An exclusive complex of modern and very spacious single-family houses and villas is being built on the area of 22 ha.

The project involves the complex of almost 50 ha, situated in the close proximity of one of the most modern sports and leisure centres in Poland.


Q3-Q4 2018

The beginning of the IEO initiative

Improving the process

Consulting blockchain experts

Drawing up an agenda and assigning the roles

Q1-Q2 2019

Drafting WhitePaper

Preparing the token and drafting the Smart Contract

Creating the landing page and MVP of the transaction platform

Registering the entities for IEO purposes

Developing the marketing plan and the bounty program

Platform testing

Q3-Q4 2019

Start of IEO July 2019

Executing the marketing plan

Coding new functionalities of the platform

Listing the token on the exchanges

Q1-Q2 2020

Implementing post IEO marketing campaign

Entering new real estate into the platform

Listing the token on other exchanges

Q3-Q4 2020

Updating the platform

Launching a final version of the app for tablets and smartphones

Expanding marketing actions


Further development of the platform

Listing on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges

Introducing new projects to the platform

FCQ Tokens

Fortem Capital S.A.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01 What is the difference between Fortem Capital token and the tokens already existing on the market?

Most tokens on the market are not secured by real, fixed assets. Fortem Capital IEO has coverage in real estate - the most stable type of assets available on the market. Another thing that gives us an advantage on the market is the fact that most enterprises trying out IEO are merely start-ups, attempting to capitalise on an idea. There is no guarantee for them to succeed. On the other hand, we are inviting you to our successfully operating business and the guarantee of investment security is already owned by the company. Our intention to allow payment for finished apartments via FCQ tokens is going to be an additional value. Since the number of our tokens is limited, predetermined and known in advance, when more and more customers want to get them to purchase real estate, the token exchange rate may increase. This is simply a classic supply and demand model. This will also allow the investors to achieve attractive returns without waiting for us to complete the project. The FCQ token is going to be a hybrid token - having the characteristics of a payment token and a utility one.

02 Do I have share in ownership in real estate as a token holder?

No, you don’t. A token purchase does not grant you any ownership in real estate. It is the conclusion of the trust deed transaction on Fortem Capital platform that indirectly makes you the owner of a given floor space. You profit from the difference between the purchase price of real estate at the stage before revitalization and the sale price of real estate after its revitalization.

03 Is there a limit on the number of tokens that I can invest in given real estate?

Yes, there is. Each real estate available for investing on the platform is going to be assigned a specific number of tokens associated with its floor space. You cannot buy more space than actually exists. However, you can choose whether you want to buy a square meter of a building or a whole place or perhaps all of them.

04 Can I participate in more than one project at a time?

Yes, you can participate in several projects at the same time.

05 Can I sell my tokens before selling and completing the project?

Yes, every investor can trade tokens (sell and buy) on digital exchange markets.

06 What is the expected return on investment?

Since the real estate market is subject to fluctuations, we cannot guarantee an exact rate. In recent years, we have achieved profitability on our projects around 35% per annum. We always shared the profit with our investors in 50/50 proportion. Hoping for a long-term cooperation with users of Fortem Capital platform, we are going to do our best to keep the conditions for our new investors at least as good as before.


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Fortem Capital OÜ having its registered office at Franciszka Klimczaka 1 in Warsaw (02-797), entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, 13th Division of the National Court Register under No: 0000720862, REGON: 369636090, NIP: 5213816076, share capital: PLN 200000,00, paid in full.

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